This year, know you've got math covered

100% of teachers said their students improved and built confidence in math with Levered

Levered's Build Back program is available for 3rd-5th Grade


Teacher-led Instruction

Levered has whole-class and small group instruction for in-person, distance, and hybrid learning.


Proven to Fill In Gaps

Our fun and engaging individualized curriculum with rich visual and audio supports, proven to accelerate growth.


Easy to Implement

Get started with a 90-minute training session combined with impact support all school year. SSO and Rostering is available via Clever, Google, and MS365.

"It was clear that a classroom teacher designed the program because of the academic vocabulary that was used. The whole concept behind the real-world, fun activities, there was a definite purpose behind it."

- Emma Davison, Salt Creek Elementary, Chula Vista ESD

Actionable Data

Teachers have a real-time dashboard and tools that help them decide on interventions and enrichment opportunities for each learner. 


Teachers have the data and built-in checkpoints  to inform professional judgment on the timing of assessments for each learner.

Whole Class

Live alerts show teachers student requests for help, common struggles, and progress to help manage classroom dynamics.

Certified Product Design

Levered is the only core curriculum product to receive both of Digital Promise's product certifications for Learner Variability and Research-backed Product Design.

Digital Promise Learner Variability Product Certification
Digital Promise Research-Based Design Product Certification

Our dynamic curriculum was created in-house by educators to provide supports, intervention, and enrichment to drive learning and engagement.

Single-sign On + Automated Rostering

Clever Instant Login Certification Badge
Clever Secure Sync Certification Badge

Levered has partnered with Clever to offer Secure Sync and Instant Login.
We also manage automated rosters and SSO with Google Classroom and MS365.

Levered Build Back Program

Our Build Back curriculum is a comprehensive solution focused on key areas in 3rd-5th grade that have shown growth and filling in learning gaps when used for at least 45 minutes per day. 

3rd-party Validated

A study brief produced by Digital Promise shows implementing our program resulted in 170% of the state average math growth. Additionally, 76% of students reported Levered made it easier for them to learn new ideas in math.

Easy to Use

Teachers see real-time data on student progress from a dashboard that looks like a grade book that fills itself in. 100% of pilot teachers reported that students were excited about learning and their students developed more confidence in math while using Levered. 

High-quality Curriculum

All of our surveyed teachers reported Levered’s program provided the appropriate challenge for students who had mastered grade-level standards, and improved math achievement for English Learners in their classes.

Built-in Assessment

Assessment happens as students progress through their individually paced work. Teachers have deep access to data for each activity, see common areas of struggle, and can access targeted practice questions for immediate group or individual intervention.


Every activity in Levered's math program is developed in-house and is tagged with a standard and skill for easy reference. Additionally, we provide data on precisely which skill students are struggling with in real-time to support teacher intervention.


We have worked to include strategies for social-emotional learning into our student-centered learning approach. Over 90% of teachers reported their students developed more confidence in math while using Levered. We include whole and small group challenges to build self-awareness and competency. 


Proven Effective

 In 2019, students at Title I schools showed 70% higher math growth on state assessments compared to students at the same schools and grade levels the prior year.

Impact on historically underserved communities

“This is the one program [teachers] say is making an impact –not only on the students, because the students love the program, they’re engaged, and they’re excited to use the program, but the teachers see so much value.

- Lalaine Perez, Principal, Salt Creek Elementary (Chula Vista ESD)

Lalaine Perez, Salt Creek Elem.

Digital Promise 2019 Pilot Brief Results

A 2019 study looking at the impact of our 4th grade fractions & decimals curriculum found,

  • Growth for economically disadvantaged students was 184% higher than the state average.
  • Math growth for English Learners was 252% of the state average for that subgroup.
  • Overall CAASPP growth in math from 3rd to 4th grade was 170% of the state average growth.

*This study focuses on schools in the same district with different student demographics that showed similar learning gains.